This site is co-financed from the European Social Fund Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 - "Invest in people!"

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Modern dry cleaning use of non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains.

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With a comprehensive range of equipment, Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems tailors solutions to the specific needs of individual businesses.

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Ironing clothes is one of those tasks that has a tendency to be a bit terrifying but We love to iron.

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We are focused on helping you stay clean by providing a professional laundry service. Our cleaning products get the job done so you don’t have to stress out over dirty clothes.

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Environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals used in processes, as water is the solvent.
Outstanding results with most precious textiles and fine wool labelled dry-clean only.
Easy wet cleaning with no hard-to-learn procedure and no bottlenecks.

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The No. 1 Social Economy structure

The Eco Clean Dragomiresti Association was co-financed untill 31.12.2015 from the European Social Fund thru the Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, the project "socially responsible enterprise" with financing contract HRD / 173 / 6.1 / S / 148 004 and aims to promote the social inclusion of people from vulnerable backgrounds.

The overall objectives of the project are the establishment, development and operation of ESS's, including the creation of five jobs for persons from different vulnerable backgrounds from the following categories: single parents, Roma people, families with more than two children, young over 18 leaving institutional child welfare system, people living on minimum guaranteed income, people living in isolated communities, people with disabilities and women.

From the category of persons employed in the target group in the SES's there is a Roma person, a person with disabilities and three women.

The specific objectives of the project, and of the business plan aims the providing of cleaning services - ecological textile washing. In this regard the Eco Clean Dragomiresti Association acquired through the project a numer of six equipment, as follows:
1. Electrolux Washer W4130H model;
2. Electrolux Dryer T5350 model;
3. Electrolux Steam Generator FSB18C model;
4. Electrolux Ironing board FIT1-WC model;v 5. Mercury Stains out board SIDI model;
6. Anghinetti Packaging machine MBM / O 07 model.

Also through the project, for the smooth running of the SES's activity, there have been purchased a laptop, a cash register and two metal lockers for the employees of the association.

Available jobs


- Secondary / higher education economic profile;
- Experience min. 3 years;
- Knowledge of a foreign language of international communication;
- Training courses in management;
- Good knowledge of MS Office;
- Ability to work independently without supervision or guidance, but as a team;
- Good organizational and planning capabilities;
- Very good communication skills and negotiation.

· Representing the association in relation to third person / entity, state institutions;
· Management Association;
· Organize, coordinate, monitor and control the actions and activities of the association achieve results within the association;
· Informing clients and potential clients about their activities, directly or through media (news, press interviews);
· Maintain customer association: their satisfaction analysis;
· Participate in the design, development sales force; It is responsible for evaluating, analyzing and sales force training;
· Track and manage sales and marketing budget; participate in setting targets for sales and marketing;
· Manages how the make and use of the database of the association;
· Coordinates the embodiment and promotion of the association’s website;
· Solving problems;
· Promoting the image of the association.

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